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 Rado Wrist Watch, Bright Star Silicon Nitride, light as Feather


    The super light wrist watch, named after one chemical formula of Silicon Nitride, is natural dark grey, the matte finish brings along super hero touch. The streamlined design and fine steel flank plug-in, featured the bright star series, the silicon nitride has unique dial plate, inspired by the aspirail of the supercar---the red tip of the second hand, against the matte background, striking an d impressive, ticking around the watch face like a fleeting car on racing track.
The wrist watch Si3N4 is designed for gentleman civilized, the special designing style attracting eyes, and the fine materials more impressive with good quality and lightness. The sense of comfort and lightness of wearing such a wrist is super, and the Silicon Nitride porcelain material will outwear the time with its fineness as it is newly produced.

Silicon Nitride

    Silicon Nitride, a super light high-tech porcelain material was first utilized by Rado wrist watch in a limited edition of Super Thin Series, for the wrist watch case only. From then on, the Rado people expects new wrist watch totally made of this super material, and this silicon nitride is the one they dreamed of, available in year 2015.
Silicon nitride, remarkable of its specialties, is a manmade material with super lightness and super hardness, widely used in mechanic production and thermal energy field, like the engine part of automobiles. The hardness of the material is as high as 1450 victorinox, wear resistant, and the density of it is 3.4g/cm3, half of that high tech porcelain, which earns its super lightness character, and improves the wrist watch wear comfort of the new bright star series.

Light “Heart”

    Abiding by the theory of “ super design, super light and super quality”, the ETA calibre A31 ALU is selected as the perfect heart of the wrist watch. Replacing the bronze heart with anodized  aluminum, the weight of the heart reduces dramatically while preserving more power of 22 hours, so the power preservation amounts to 64 hours at minimum, the wrist watch will still keep the right time on Monday even if the customer forgets winding it up on weekends. Compared to common aluminum, the anodized aluminum is an innovative design, improving the corrosion resistance and the abrasion resistance.
The perfect combination of high tech heart, high tech material, and professional skills offers the customer a super light wrist watch with a touch of future.